Campestral Acres is my home.  It’s my farm, my respite, my daily grind (on top of my two other jobs), and it thoroughly encompasses my soul.  It nurtures a lot of cute animals, my family, and my kitchen.

This here blog is so I can share it with you.


Ummm, not sure.  But nobody is forcing you to stick around, so if you can’t come up with a good answer (and for some reason you think you need one), don’t let me waste your time–the door is over there behind the little x on your screen.

Okay, now that the stick-in-the-muds have left, let’s you and me have a good time.  That’s what life is about, right?  Doing good things and enjoying the results?  I think so.

Chanon, my Kinder doeling born in March 2015.

Chanon, my Kinder doeling born in March 2015.

Did I mention I like goats?  You might see a few on here…

In fact, if you don’t like goats, you might be one of those stick-in-the-muds.  But since you stuck it out this far, you’re welcome to stick around.  There will be cute chick pics, later, I swear!